Thursday, March 10, 2011

Summary chapter 6:

In this chapter the day of the ceremony of twelve has arrived and the events which take place are described.

The first Ceremony that day is the naming of the newchildren and they are given to their family units.
One parental pair recieves a male newchild named Caleb, he is a replacement child, because their first Caleb had drowned in the river, normally something like that doesn't happen because the community is very safe. After that the ceremonies of two,three,four,five,six and seven take place, it follows the last one for that day, the ceremony of eight, which means it's Lily's turn she can now do volunteer hours. The next day the nines get their bicycles ,which Lily envies, the ceremonies of ten and eleven are nothing special, the children only get a haircut and new clothes.
While eating Asher and Jonas talk about someone who left the community because he didn't like his job assignment, for Jonas this is just a story, because he can't imagine how someone could not fit in. The chapter ends with the signal for the start of the Ceremonie of twelve.

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  1. Very good!!! I think you summarized the main points on this chapter very good. :)