Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm sorry that i haven't updated for so long, but I was sick and don't have internet at the moment.
Don't worry i will catch up on that ... at home I wrote an acrostic for chapter 11.

M ostly 
ither good or bad 
M asterpiece  
O f  the brain 
R eally important for defining 
Y ourself    

I used memory, because in chapter 11 Jonas experiences a memory, that is not his own and from a long time ago, for the first time in his training. I personally think that the term memory is the most important one in the chapter. :D


  1. Nice and the consideration on your selection of the word "memory" is good thought over.

  2. As colour is another major topic in the chapters, it's a nice idea to establish a connection to them by using different colours in your acrostic on memories.