Thursday, March 3, 2011


I chose this picture because the little kid reminds me of the newchildren and the sign with "Strictly no elephants " reminds me of the rules the community established. 
(Lily's comfort object is an elephant too, and when she is an eight it will get taken away to be recycled for the younger children)


  1. I think this picture really fits to the story.

  2. Could you see the door as a compare for lillys step in the next new age? I think so. 'Couse the girl on the picture might look curious up to the door and that's what lilly is discribed in the second chapter.

  3. Good picture, Ann-Kathrin! The reasons and explanations you give to explain the link between the story and the picture are very clear!

  4. I think it fits really good too ;) I am impressed about your sense for the detail and the atmosphere of the story!
    More of this posts!!!