Thursday, March 3, 2011

Homework 03/03/11:

Sectionalized-reading:  Chapter 1

At first I will give the lines and the page of the section, then I will shortly state what this section is about and 
afterwards write what I thought and felt while reading that section.

1. Section:  p.9 ll. 1-5 
Content: It's described what Jonas thinks being frightened would feel like.
Thoughts/Feelings: - compassion => Jonas isn't even sure what it is that he feels
- not being able to express his own feelings with words what would that be like?
- I think being frightened is not only the feeling of knowing that something terrible is about to happen,it's also something more it can be a slight nervousness to paralyzing fear and panic.
 Everyone feels frightened for different reasons so it depends how you look at it, for some it might be because of thunder others are frightened of unknown things... (for example a lot of people are afraid of the dark because they don't know what could be hiding in the shadows)
2. Section: p.9 ll. 5-20
Content: Jonas sees an unidentified aircraft.
Thoughts/Feelings: - why is he so afraid? It's nothing bad.
- the community sounds like a boring place, it must be, when the children get so enthusiastic as soon as they see the plane with supplies flying over the community  
- you are able to see how much the people depend on the community, because they are confused, afraid and  
 wait for an explanation only because of an aircraft 
3. Section: p.9/10 ll. 21-5
Content: The people are ordered to go inside.
Thoughts/Feelings: - why are they so obedient if they can't even see who is ordering them?
- why are they going inside? It's not like they're in danger or something.
- It's like Jonas got nervous as soon as the community wasn't in the same state as always
4. Section: p.10 ll. 6-23
Content: The reason for the strayed aircraft and the punishment for the pilot are announced.Jonas remembers the mistake he made while playing.
Thoughts/Feelings: -If being released is so bad why is it decided because of such trivial reasons?
- It seems that the people are unable to live without the community otherwise being released wouldn't be so terrible.
- why is Jonas scolded because he used the word while he played without thinking? He is still a kid and this shouldn't be a reason  to get scolded it would have been a reason if he hit someone, but not because of that  
  right? And he didn't even mean it because it was his best friend he was talking to.
5. Section: p.10/11 ll. 24-21
Content: Jonas thinks about his bestfriend Asher, his weird way of talking and the consequences of that.
Thoughts/Feelings: - I think it's only natural to talk rubbish when you are nervous. 
- Being late to school isn't good, but isn't "inconveniencing" his "learning community" a bit harsh? I don't know.
  We would say "Sorry, my alarm clock didn't go off!" or something like that :D
- I don't think it's nice to use something someone said while being nervous as a basis for a language lesson 
6. Section: p.11 ll. 22-33
Content: Jonas arrives at home and tries to figure out what he is feeling.
Thoughts/Feelings: - what special event is coming up?
- I would go crazy if I could't define my feelings 
- what's meant with "the elevens"? Maybe some kind of class?
7. Section: p.12/13 ll. 1-22
Content: Jonas and his family talk about their feelings after dinner it's a ritual, it's lily's turn.  
Thoughts/Feelings: - talking about feelings with someone sounds like a self-help group :D
- but I think it's good to talk about ones feelings and their day with someone else, because it's nice to share experiences and advices, but who still does that nowadays which is kind of sad.
- I really liked what the father said, because it's true that  you shouldn't exclude someone just because he is
  different => maybe from his point of view you are weird too.
8. Section: p.13/14 ll. 23-27
Content: It's Jonas' father's turn to talk about his feelings.
Thoughts/Feelings: - why would you release a newchild what did it do wrong?
- and releasing the elderly... if releasingdifferent is bad, why would it be a celebration?
- are the children their own in the families?
- Is there even something like love between the people or are they just matched together in units?
- and I mean "family unit"? That is just disgusting a family shares a bond, it's definitely a strong connection,(people don't have to be related by blood to be a family) how can you call something like that a unit?
9. Section: p.14/15 ll. 28-33
Content: Jonas and his mother have to talk about their feelings now.
Thoughts/Feelings: - against the rules if you not share your feelings? That's harsh.
- What is the "Ceremony of Twelve"?
Let's find out ;]

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  1. Wooo - you put a lot of efford into this! I like the ideas of giving your feeling on every section that detailed! I had to laugh at the past of "Being late to school isn't good, but isn't "inconveniencing" his "learning community" a bit harsh? I don't know."