Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In chapter 7 we get a closer view on Jonas' feelings:

                                                         At first he is nervous...
but happy for his friends...
But when his name isn't called he get's confused...
He is ashamed of himself...
and just wants to disappear..

and all he can do is wait for his name to be called...

cr: I don't own any of the images (from all over google)


  1. You need to teach me how to have these motion pics in a blog's post! They are fantastic!! I can see from the pictures that you've been working hard to capture the emotions of Jonas! Well done!

  2. simpsons and how i met your mother :)
    very good :D

  3. dean and sam :D
    a bit wierd with the different gifs (from different series and so on) ^^