Monday, March 7, 2011

I made this video as a homework for wednesday, based on the things that I know so far 
(I let out the part with the dreams) Anyway I hope you enjoy- It was my first time making a video so bear with me ^^
cr: video => made by me
    pictures => from all over Google 
(I can't give the exact sources but I don't own any of the images)


  1. Cool! Which song did you use?

  2. Heyy, i think this vid is really good.
    It fits perfect to the story: the "perfect" world, strict rules and Jonas, a boy who's different

  3. The song I used is Big Bang's Haru Haru
    (piano cover)

  4. It's great!!!
    All fits together. The video with the book and the music with the video ;D I notice you put a lot of effort in this. And you can be really proud od the result! I think it's difficult to tangent (touching) people...but congratulation- you did ! ^^