Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I find it hard to imagine how it would be to not have any memories or not to know simple things like colours or the feeling of sunshine/snow on your skin. In chapter 13 Jonas and the Giver talk about making choices, and the Giver justifies the fact that the people in the community aren't given the power to make a decision with the possibility that they might make the wrong choice. I think that isn't a very persuasive reason, because in my opinion people need to make mistakes in order to learn for their future and to grow from them.
The concept of sameness doesn't appeal to me, I mean it's true that the bad things, like war, are disposed of, but what would life be without the beautiful things like butterflies, rainbows, sunsets and the feeling of warm sunrays on ones skin everyone should have a right to experience this comforting feeling.
I wouldn't trade the way things are now for that colourless and monotonous life in the community.



  1. Your statement is very sound. I agree with you that people need to make mistakes in order to learn from them. The life in the community seems rather unattractive to me as well - even if they don't know war and pain; I think you can only appreciate the good thing when knowing feelings that are not just "normal". Thumbs up!

  2. Hey. I agree with your opinion. I think that a perfect world without mistakes is very boring. The thought that war, fights, crime and other bad things don't exist is nice but when it only work when the good things like happiness etc. have to disappear it wouldn't be a 'real' world. I like the photo which you posted with your text. Am I right that it fits to your feelings?
    Good work!

  3. hey, I really like the picture ! The sky has a lot of colors. The colors in the sky fits with the experience of Jonas. The picture gives the impression of freedom, like Jonas memories. Well done =)

  4. Nice picture.
    It's nice the hear what is your opinion. I like the way you think about the world without colors. :) Nice work.