Thursday, April 7, 2011

Homework on the last 3 chapters:

In my opinion the reasons for release in the community are imbecible, in chapter 21 for example they wanted to release Gabriel just because he doesn't sleep quietly, I mean he is still a little kid, it's normal you just have to deal with it it's not like he does it on purpose. -.-
It was already like this in the first chapter they released the pilot just because he lost his way, I get the feeling that living like this in the community has made them weak if they can't even deal with trivial things like that and I think if it continues like this there will be even more absurd rules...

Now my 2 favourite parts in the last 3 chapters:
Chapter 22:
"Then, when he had had a choice, he made the wrong one: the choice to leave. And now he was starving. But if he had stayed...
His thoughts continued. If he had stayed, he would have starved in other ways. He would have lived a life hungry for feelings,for color,for love."

Though I don't think he made the wrong choice [I would have totally done the same], but I can understand why he thinks that in that moment, it's always like that for example after you're done with school and you want to see the world stand on your own feet, do something on your own and travel a bit, you will naturally face difficult situations and have the desire to go home again, but in that moment it's important to not give up and do your best, if you fail nevertheless at least you can say I've tried my best. In this situation it's the first time he has to face a difficult situation too, he had always been overprotected in the community, though he had a little knowledge through the memories the Giver transmitted to him, it's naturally for him to want to go home, but he didn't give up and followed through with his plan, I really like that about his personality he is very determined.

Chapter 23
"But somewhere ahead, through the blinding storm, he knew there was warmth and light."
This sentence holds so much meaning even though it's not very long. It basically says there will always be better times after hard gives you hope and confidence, that's why I like it.
(It reminds me of the saying "there's always a light at the end of the tunnel ^^)

I found something that fits very well into this context:
"There’s nothing left but the road ahead, so take my hand, take a leap, let’s make memories that we can keep, take a chance, take this plight, let’s start a new journey tonight.." 
especially the part "let's make memories that we can keep", because now that he is free of the community Jonas can start making his own memories and they won't be taken away from him like those he received from the Giver.

So just remember:

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